Safe summer

NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN IN CARS WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION. Do you know that the temperature inside a parked vehicle can be as much as 50% hotter than the outside temperature? Lowering the vehicle windows 5cm does not bring about a dramatic loss of heat.

Online Safety

NETSAFE WHAT WE DO: Netsafe is a non-profit organisation focused on online safety. They help people stay safe online by providing online safety education, advice and support. They can help with online issues such as bullying and abuse, scams, image-based abuse etc.

Better parenting

Our children are our future, and we have the awesome responsibility of being their guardians. Parenting is also a lot of fun, if we allow it to be. Often we feel powerless to change behaviour that we see as “bad”, or we feel frustrated at children who won’t “do what they’re told”.

Healthy parents, healthy children

If we look after ourselves, we have a greater chance of coping with stress and looking after our children well. Healthy parents, healthy children. If we can balance our own health and wellbeing with other elements of our life such as work, pleasure, relationships and personal growth, we have a good chance of dealing with the challenges that are thrown …

The domestic violence act

The Domestic Violence Act 1995 marked a new era in dealing with family violence when it came into force on July 1 in 1996. It is the primary legal weapon for fighting family violence.

Aiming to keep kids safe

Good parents – those who provide a caring and loving environment for their children – have nothing to fear from the law change designed to keep kids safe.

Keeping our children safe

New Zealanders have been horrified in recent years by several widely publicised accounts of children dying in gruesome circumstances that almost defy imagining. But the death of a four-year-old in 1999 was a catalyst for action…

Victims of violence – not just women and children

Just as violence towards women is hugely under-reported, violence inflicted on men is also an often untold story. Men sometimes feel as if they can’t talk about it when it happens and they can feel helpless to do anything because it might not be believed.

Safer communities

We all have a part to play in our community. Here are some ways you can help make safer communities in New Zealand and people who can help you.

Keep our children safe

Helping to keep our children safe KOS (Keeping Ourselves Safe) is a positive personal safety programme aimed at giving children and young people the skills to cope with situations that might entail abuse. It will help them keep children safe when they meet other people. KOS was developed in response to an increased awareness and concern among teachers and Police …