Grants List

Below is a list of organisations that work to prevent crime or help the victims of crime in Aotearoa. The Police Managers' Guild Trust is proud to support them and has provided $3,500,000 in funding to these organisations over the last 23 years. Our ability to fund these organisations is kindly enabled by the donations of over 21,000 New Zealand businesses, you can find their representation here: Blue Pages. Use the search bar to find a specific organisation or use the dropdown to filter this list by region.

Donated to assist victims of crime

Nelson Blue Light Weekend

"I would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity you have given me this weekend. You have all given me an insight into what being a police officer requires of you, and the effort and training it takes. This camp has sparked something in me while I thought the police was easy I've learned how much effort goes in behind the scenes and just want to thank you all for this chance to talk to officers and ask questions I hope that I can become a officer one day and everyone's journey starts somewhere hopefully mine will start soon too.

 Just some quick feedback from my daughter.  The camp was excellent fun - she really enjoyed herself, tried some challenging new activities, learned about the police and made new friends. She was happy and glowing and full of it when I picked her up.’ 

 Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my two daughters. They thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the weekend, learnt lots and generally had a blast.  I’m really grateful that I heard about it, and the fact that everything was funded was just amazing.  Thank you so much."