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Brian Hartley

Retired Police Superintendent Brian Hartley left us suddenly, aged 84, on 14 August 2022. The team here at the Police Managers' Guild Trust would like to extend our most sincere condolences to Brian's Family, Friends, Colleagues and anyone lucky enough to have known him. 

Brian was the Driving Force behind the formation of the PMGT in 1997, a Trustee since the PMGT was formed and was elected a Life Member in 2019.

Under his careful and diligent guidance, the PMGT has donated over $3,500,000 to the victims of crime and produced education to benefit millions of Kiwis.

Brian's extraordinary example and legacy is one that will further motivate us to stop crime and save lives.



As a worldwide leading manufacturing company, SEW-Eurodrive is moving the world! Countless conveyor belts, bottling plants, gravel plants, luggage at the airport and much more would stand still without their motors, gear units, gearmotors, corresponding automation technology and range of services.

SEW-Eurodrive has been a supporter for PMGT for over 8 years now; helping us to distribute our crime prevention education to over 25,000 kiwis, informing the public on matters such as child safety, domestic violence, alcohol abuse and more as well as allowing us to fund a wide range of community support organisations and services.

Sincerely, thank you to John Hainsworth and the staff at SEW-Eurodrive for their ongoing support - from the team at NZPMGT.


The New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild Trust are proud to have helped the NZ Fiji Schools Rugby Sevens in reaching their financial goals to allow young Fijian boys from across the country to come together and play a game that they love whilst honouring their heritage. 

Whilst Fiji did not win (NZ Condors won both boys & girls competitions), the NZ Fijians never gave up, scoring the last try of the match through Ratu Kuli Naleisomosomo within the last minute. We are convinced there is an abundance of future Fijian stars with the team. 

The boys blasted out a note or two at the powhiri for the team which was an exceptional event in itself and the team are now taking the opportunity to review what they did well, what could have been done better, and are planning to win the title in the next edition of the World School 7’s in December 2022. We have every confidence that the boys will do an astounding job. 

‘’I therefore wanted to pass on our thanks and appreciation for the part you and the NZ Police Managers Guild Trust played in helping us. What we did would not have been possible without your very kind support. Again a big Vinaka vakalevu from our entire NZ Fiji Schools 7’s squad’’ - Inspector Jim Wilson. 

NZ Fiji Schools Rugby Sevens

NZ Fiji Schools Rugby Sevens Players 


Our latest community grant, Blake Paynter was the recipient of our NZPMGT grant to assist him with advancing in the sport of rowing with a view of gaining a scholarship to study in the United States. 

In March 2021, Blake was titled the 6th fastest under-18 single scull rower in New Zealand. Following that, his rowing times and on-water speeds are alongside the fastest junior rowers in New Zealand. 

As of 19th January 2022, Blake was able to commence study at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida USA. He has received an athletic scholarship to be a part of a rowing team and is lined up to be in the stroke seat of their top eight. 

We also congratulate Blake on maintaining a high standard in his academic school work and scoring in the top 7% in his SATs. This means he has also been awarded an academic scholarship from the university and has selected to study Business for a 4-year degree.

‘’The journey to achieve this has been filled with hard work, perseverance, and cannot be achieved without the support of many people including the kind support from the New Zealand Police Managers Guild Trust. Our family would like to express that we are very thankful for the support you have given Blake and hope you can feel the same level of proudness that we feel as parents of him.  When he is racing, you can feel that you are in the boat with him and part of the team.’’ - Marc Paynter and family.

Your donations help us to continue to offer practical help to people and families wishing to reach their goals. 

Rowing athlete

Blake Paynter, New Zealand rower is a recipient of our community grants program

To see our community grants list; head here

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As summer heats up, our pets are just as vulnerable to sunburn as we are ☀️Wilbur, a stray cat, suffered the consequences firsthand. He arrived at the SPCA with painful sores on his ears, later diagnosed as pre-cancerous lesions caused by sun damage.Vets removed the affected parts of his ears and thankfully, Wilbur recovered well.Prevention is key!:
▪️  Use pet-friendly sunscreen: Formulated specifically for animals, it avoids harmful ingredients found in human sunscreens.
▪️  Provide shade.
▪️  Be cautious of reflective surfaces: Sand, water, and other reflective surfaces can amplify the sun's rays, increasing the risk of sunburn.Light-colored animals and those with exposed pink skin, especially around their ears and nose, are at higher risk.Remember, neglecting their needs and ignoring their safety can be considered animal abuse. For more information and resources on animal welfare, please visit: https://pmgt.org.nz/animal-abuse/Thank you to @Bossy B Clothing Company Ltd and Vincentian Home and Hospital http://www.wellingtoncatholichomestrust.org.nz for sponsoring our organisation.
Stuck sandal? Stressed-out dog? Lead-foot Kiwis have tried EVERY excuse in the book to get out of a speeding ticket 🚘But this summer, the Police are putting their foot down – literally – with a new campaign highlighting the worst (and wildest) excuses for speeding on our roads.From "my cruise control was stuck" to "I didn't agree to the new speed limit," the excuses are as hilarious as they are dangerous. But behind the humor lies a serious message: there is no excuse to speed.Wellington Road Policing Manager, Inspector Bradley Allen, says, "While we can't help but chuckle at the outlandish stories we hear, every speeding ticket represents a potential tragedy waiting to happen.""In a crash, speed is the single biggest factor in whether you walk away or are carried away."So, this summer, let's leave the excuses behind and focus on what really matters: arriving alive.For more resources on Road Safety, visit https://pmgt.org.nz/safer-communities/#Road-safetyThank you to Loaders Wanganui and Vorstermans Architects Ltd for sponsoring our organisation.
A reminder to all parents and pet owners! 🧒 🐾Over the weekend, two young boys in Queensland lost their lives in a locked car due to suspected heat-related stress.From January to October this year, AA Roadservice has responded to a staggering 800 emergency callouts for children or pets locked in vehicles, with over 200 distressing cases reported in Auckland alone.Don't let a moment of convenience turn into a tragedy. It only takes a few moments.If you notice a child or pet locked in a car, you can call the AA straight. You don't have to be a member to make the call, and the AA will prioritise these callouts.Find more resources on Child and Animal Welfare on our website https://pmgt.org.nz/Thank you to Stihl Shop Tauranga and Political Beauty Ltd for sponsoring our organisation.
Are you getting ready for the gift of giving this Christmas season? 🎄Every year people put presents under the Christmas tree that can be visible through windows and put cardboard boxes from hi-tech gadgets out in the bins.In 2021, 1,022 burglaries were reported in New Zealand during December, compared to 855 in November.So make sure valuables and wrapped presents are out of view, and visit our website for our best tips on thinking like a burglar: https://pmgt.org.nz/home-safety/#Keep-the-burglars-outIn addition, we also recommend homeowners register their valuables on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). This online database helps police identify and return stolen goods to their rightful owners ➡️ https://ppsr.companiesoffice.govt.nz/Thank you to Vetlife Pets and NLA - Naylor Lawrence & Associates for sponsoring our organisation.
While alcohol consumption in NZ has seen a downward trend in recent years, it is important to note that drug use such as cocaine has seen a drastic increase.Between 2012-2013 and 2019-2020, the proportion of adults reporting weekly alcohol consumption decreased from 63% to 55% ⬇️Despite these positive trends, cocaine seizures have increased by over 200% since 2014 and have contributed to an estimated 40% increase in cocaine-related emergency department presentations ⬆️The holiday season, with its festive gatherings and increased leisure time, can present a heightened risk of drug use.Drug-checking services are vital during the holiday season, when the use of unfamiliar or adulterated substances may increase. Find a clinic near you: https://thelevel.org.nz/drug-checking-clinicsThank you to Stihl Shop Rotorua and Bar's Bugs for sponsoring our organisation.
With boat sales skyrocketing in New Zealand, Maritime is reminding all boaters to prioritize safety on the water 🌊There are now 1.7 million Kiwis out on the water every year – including people on jetskis, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards.But while most take home a heightened heart rate and a bit of sunburn, some don’t make it home at all.“Every year 17 boaties don't come home from their trip,” said Matt Wood from Maritime New Zealand.Invest in your safety and take a free beginning boating course with Boating Education NZ 🚣 https://www.boatingeducation.org.nz/courses/67/beginning-boating/Find more Water Safety resources here https://pmgt.org.nz/safer-communities/#Water-safetyThank you to Independent Extrusions Ltd http://www.inexmetals.co.nz and Reharvest Timber for sponsoring our organisation.
We know kids put things up their noses... Children aged 2 to 5 are most likely to put an object up their nose - the incidence is slightly higher in boys than girls.Do you know how to perform the 'mother's kiss'? Knowing this tip has saved many parents and caretakers a hospital trip or two.How to perform the 'parent's kiss':➡️ Relax and reassure the child, telling them you're just going to give them a big kiss.
➡️ Block the nostril that does not have the object in it.
➡️ Put your mouth over their mouth, ensuring there is a good seal.
➡️ Breathe into their mouth and when you feel resistance, give a short, sharp puff of air.Nurse Sarah Hunstead warned not to use tweezers to remove objects from the nose as it can cause injuries."If you can't get it out with the kiss method, you will need to seek medical help," she said.For more Child Safety resources, visit https://pmgt.org.nz/child-safety/Thank you to The Johnsonville Club and A1 Surface Tiling Ltd https://surfacetiling.co.nz/ for sponsoring our organisation.
Are you blind, deaf, or experiencing speech difficulties? We understand it can be DIFFICULT to communicate, especially when it matters the most.Imagine you're experiencing a medical emergency, a fire, or another critical situation. The urgency to reach emergency services is immense, but the usual means of communication, like making a phone call, are challenging or impossible for you.If you're among the 28,000 New Zealanders with vision loss or the 22,000 who identify as deaf or hard of hearing, you understand this predicament all too well.With 111 TXT, you can report emergencies, seek assistance, and receive updates. No need to fumble with a phone or struggle to make yourself heard. Just send a quick text message, and you'll be connected to the help you need.To register for the 111 TXT service, visit the NZ Police website here ➡️ https://www.police.govt.nz/111-txtAccess more resources on Safer Communities here https://pmgt.org.nz/safer-communities/Thank you to Cavanagh Panelbeaters https://www.cavpanel.co.nz/ and Blue Sky Pastures for sponsoring our organisation.
Sarah* lost hundreds of thousands of dollars - and nearly her life - after falling victim to exploitative online gambling companies."I won $40,000 one night, but it's nothing compared to what I've spent," Sarah told Newshub Nation.According to data from the Ministry of Health, Kiwis seeking help for gambling more than TRIPLED following the arrival of smartphones in 2007."It got to such an extent that I started taking out cash loans to fund my gambling habit, and eventually I couldn't afford to pay these cash loans back,". "One day a client came and paid cash at my workplace and I decided to take the money"."Eventually I got caught and I proceeded to commit suicide. I was found the next day in critical condition.""I had to look at my kids and the pain was etched on their faces." "I can never take that back and I can never make it right, so if I could change that for one person, all this pain and heartache would be worth it," she said.Through her openness and honesty, Sarah aims to prevent others from falling into the same trap that ensnared her.  Get help for problem gambling here: https://pmgt.org.nz/directory/Thank you to Tenpin 13th Ave Tauranga http://www.tenpintauranga.co.nz and COLORSTEEL for sponsoring our organisation.
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