Keep our children safe

Helping to keep our children safe KOS (Keeping Ourselves Safe) is a positive personal safety programme aimed at giving children and young people the skills to cope with situations that might entail abuse. It will help them keep children safe when they meet other people. KOS was developed in response to an increased awareness and concern among teachers and Police for young people to be protected from abuse.

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Where to go for help

The phone book.

Each phone book has a Personal Help Services Page. You need to look up the index at the front of the book for that page number.

In an emergency – don’t muck about – Dial 111.

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Family violence is a crime

It is often said that New Zealand’s most violent places are its homes. Like many “often-saids”, it’s an exaggerated generalisation. New Zealand homes are mostly safe and peaceful. Some homes, however, are violent and abusive places, where physical, emotional and psychological wounds are inflicted on family members – too often children. Continue reading “Family violence is a crime”